Article 1 – Parties OF contract


ADDRESS: Nijverheidsweg 1B, 4731CZ Oudenbosch – Netherlands

Telephone: 0031165325542


2ND PARTY: Buyer/Customer, Which refers to every natural person who’s over 18 years old.

Article 2 – Subjects of contract

(2.1) Subject of the contract is the selling of products.

(2.2) Prices mentioned in the respective offers includes all applicable taxes.

(2.3) Delivery costs mentioned for respective orders include all the applicable taxes.

(2.4) Delivery costs are not included in the purchase price and must be borne by Buyer/Customer separately as stated on website, unless a free delivery has been agreed.

(2.5) Unless otherwise specified for the respective payment methods, the payment claims arising from the contract that has been concluded become payable immediately.

Article 3 – Terms & conditions of contract

(3.1) Offers on Seller’s website are non-binding and are not a binding offer to conclude a contract.

(3.2) Buyer/Customer’s orders (Here, the order meant all items stored in the Shopping cart) will be binding for the seller only upon acceptance of the order by the seller, which will declares his acceptance by a textual confirmation sent to buyer/customer via e-mail, Buyer/Customer ensures that the e-mail address that he/she deposited with us is the correct one as the execution of the order and the sending of all the necessary details take place via e-mail, in an automated manner.

(3.3)The goods remain our property until the purchase price is paid in full.

Article 4 – Liability

(4.1) The seller’s responsibility includes only products that are missing or damaged and which have been damaged prior to receipt by the buyer / customer or not in accordance with the description posted on the site, and the buyer / customer should inspect the products as soon as they are received.

Article 5 – Revocation right

(5.1) The customer can cancel the order as long as it does not leave Central Bazaar’s building otherwise the return policy is applied.

Article 6 – Returns Policy

(6.1) In the event that the products are damaged or not in accordance with the description stated on the site, the customer has the right to return the order entirely or partially and recover his payments.

(6.2) In the event of returning the order entirely or partially, although there are no sufficient reasons to return, such that the product is

damaged or not in accordance with the description stated on the site, the customer bears the cost of returning and fees for the

financial transfer of the amount.

(6.3) The return period is fourteen days from the date of purchase and will not accept return orders entirely or partially after the expiry of that period

(6.4) The customer must return the products in good condition, clean and within the basic packaging

(6.5) Seller shall refund the value of the products to the customer within 48 hours of receipt of the returned products and shall have the right to determine the appropriate payment method

Article 7 – Jurisdiction Issue

(7.1) Language of the contract used by courts of law shall be in Dutch Language.

(6.2) Legal disputes are settled only in Dutch courts